How to watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero': The latest movie in the long-running anime series is available on-demand (2024)

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  • "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is now available to buy digitally from Amazon or Vudu.
  • The feature-length anime follows Piccolo and Gohan as they battle the Red Ribbon Army.
  • A cheaper rental option will become available from the same retailers on March 28.

How to watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero': The latest movie in the long-running anime series is available on-demand (1)

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How to watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero': The latest movie in the long-running anime series is available on-demand (2)

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Over eight months after it debuted in theaters, "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is finally available to watch online. You can buy it to stream through Amazon or Vudu for a starting price of $13.

In the new feature-length anime, the Red Ribbon Army is back and hungry for world domination. This time, they've manufactured powerful new androids to do their bidding. Piccolo and Gohan must then team up to save the universe.


Check out the 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' trailer

"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is directed by Tetsuro Kodama with a screenplay by "Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama. The film originally hit theaters in Japan in June 2022.


Where to watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'

You can watch "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" at home through digital retailers like Amazon and Vudu. A standard definition (SD) copy costs $13, while a high definition (HD) copy costs $15. Viewers can choose between English and Japanese audio versions.

Once you purchase "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," you'll be able to stream it as many times as you want on any compatible smart TV, console, tablet, smartphone, or web browser.

If you're only interested in watching the film a single time, a cheaper rental version will become available on March 28. Once you rent a movie, you get 48 hours to stream it after you hit play.


Will 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' be on Crunchyroll?

No official release date has been announced, but "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is expected to hit Crunchyroll's streaming service at some point. Crunchyroll is the film's North American distributor, after all.

For now, Crunchyroll only has the movie's Blu-ray copy available for preorder. You can also preorder the Blu-ray fromAmazon, with a release date set for March 14.


Is 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' worth watching?

"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" currently holds a "93% Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics and audiences agree that the action-packed anime is a fun watch, though the 3D animation style takes some getting used to.

Fans and newcomers alike can enjoy the explosive battles and easy-to-follow storyline of "Super Hero." However, existing Dragon Ball lovers will have the most to gain from this title's fan-service, since it features the return of some of the franchise's most beloved characters.


Where does 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' fall in the 'Dragon Ball Super' timeline?

"Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" is the second feature-film in the "Dragon Ball Super" series and takes place after the 2018 movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." Both films take place after all 131 episodes of the anime series "Dragon Ball: Super."

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How to watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero': The latest movie in the long-running anime series is available on-demand (2024)


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