Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (2024)

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The calendar may technically still say spring, but summer is definitely here in Georgia. The temperatures are already up to 90 degreesand the neighborhood pool is open for swimming. Of course, shorts and bathing suits every day mean LOTS of shaving. This cherry almond sugar scrub recipe is the perfect solution to your shaving and exfoliating needs this summer!

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I honestly love making homemade sugar scrubs. They are quick and simple to create and cost significantly less money than buying them from a pricey skincare company. I love that I get to control the ingredients as well. This almond sugar scrub recipe is actually 100% edible, however, I don't recommend you actually eat it! I chose to use cherry candy flavoring for a really bold cherry scent.

Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (2)Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (3)Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (4)Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (5)Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (6)Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (7)

I usually use essential oils but the cherry flavor really gave it an amazing aroma. I also used turbinado sugar which is not a bleached white color. That is why the almond portion of this homemade sugar scrub is a little darker than it would be with regular sugar. Either will work, just choose whichever you prefer. I also used an all natural red food coloring. It is totally natural and does not stain the skin at all but it is an optional ingredient. Your scrub will work just fine without it, it just won't look as pretty!

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To make this homemade sugar scrub, I chose to separate the two scents and layer them in a mason jar after mixing. I like the look and was in a creative mood. If you just want to toss it all together in one big mixing bowl, that will work, too. Once you are done making your sugar scrub, put it into a container and use it within about 2 weeks or so. The sugar is a great exfoliant and the coconut oil is wonderful for hydrating your skin. In fact, there are so many coconut oil uses that I make sure to never run out of this stuff! This makes a great pre-shavingpreparation or a simple way to smooth your already hair free legs.

Table of Contents

Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe

Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (9)

Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe

Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (10)


  • 4 cups turbinado sugar (fine, divided)
  • 1 ½ cups coconut oil (divided)
  • 2 teaspoon cherry candy flavoring
  • red food coloring if desired
  • 2 tablespoon almond extract
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


  1. Combine 2 cups of sugar with ¾ cups coconut oil (add or subtract some oil, depending on your preferences for consistency) Mix in the cherry flavoring and red food coloring to desired color if you choose to use it.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine the rest of the sugar with the remaining oil, almond extract and vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Layer the two parts of the sugar scrub in a mason jar
  4. To use, scrub gently over wet skin in the shower and rinse off with warm water.

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Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (14)

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  1. Kathleen

    You know I've seen recipes for sugar scrubs all over but somehow never figured out what they were for. Now I understand! What a great idea to exfoliate. This is so simple and I bet it smells divine!


    • Diane

      It definitely smells delicious!


  2. Jennifer Soltys

    That scrub is so pretty!! I bet it smells absolutely amazing!!


  3. LauraOinAK

    I love the layers of alternating color on this. And, it's a sugar scrub that looks good enough to eat!


  4. Dawn McAlexander

    My daughter loves these scrubs. She loves making them and using them. I bet she would love to make this one. I might even try it. They are pretty good for your skin.


  5. Lindsey London Mumma

    This sounds like a real delicious treat, one that I do not know that I culd resis from even eating lol!


  6. Jaclyn Anne

    I love using a scrub to exfoliate before shaving, it really does help make my legs extra smooth. The colors in this scrub are beautiful, can't wait to try making it for myself!


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Easy Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub Recipe (2024)


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