3 Reasons Why Mystik Dan Will Win the Belmont Stakes (2024)

Mystik Dan, a 3-year-old American Thoroughbred, has captured the attention of everyone with his impressive performances on the track. After winning the 2024 Kentucky Derby in a dramatic photo finish, and finishing in the upperhalf of Preakness Stakes, many believe he is set to win it all at the Belmont Stakes. We’re part of that group because we think he has what it takes to dominate on the 1.5 mile track and here’s why.

Proven Track Record and Versatility

Mystik Dan’s racing record speaks volumes about his capabilities. With seven starts resulting in three wins, one second, and one third-place finish, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to compete and dominate in the dirt. His most notable victories include the 2024 Kentucky Derby and the Southwest Stakes, both of which highlighted his speed and strategic racing.

Kentucky Derby Victory

Mystik Dan’s most significant achievement to date is his Kentucky Derby win. After this big win, he was being looked at as a potential Triple Crown winner. The 150th running of the Derby was a nail-biting event, with Mystik Dan edging out rivals Sierra Leone and Forever Young by barely a nose in a photo finish. His time of 2:03.34 under jockey Brian Hernandez Jr. solidified his status as one of the best.

Southwest Stakes Performance

Earlier in the year, Mystik Dan won the Southwest Stakes at Oaklawn Park, securing his first graded stakes victory. Although the Southwest Stakes doesn’t have the clout that the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes has, it was still a big win and shows his competitiveness.

Strong Pedigree and Training

When you really dig into Mystik Dan’s lineage, it’s easy to see that it is another factor contributing to his potential success at the Belmont Stakes. Bred in Kentucky by owners Lance Gasaway, Daniel Hamby, and 4G Racing, Mystik Dan boasts a pedigree that includes legendary sires like Goldencents and Into Mischief. He was born to race as these bloodlines are known for producing fast, durable, and competitive racehorses.

Training Regimen

Under the guidance of experienced trainers, Mystik Dan has developed into a well-rounded and dominant racehorse. His training regimen is tailored to build endurance, strength, and speed— all of these qualities are essential for the mile-and-a-half distance of the Belmont Stakes. Not too many tracks claim such a length, so it’s imperative that the horse train for this distance.

Competitive Edge and Race Strategy

One of Mystik Dan’s key advantages is his ability to adapt his racing strategy based on the competition and track conditions. Well, not necessarily his strategy, but Brian Hernandez Jr’s strategy. He’s got the experience to edge out the other horses on the track. His performances in both the Kentucky Derby and the Southwest Stakes highlighted his tactical expertise and his ability to make the right moves at the right moments.

Adapting to Belmont’s Track

The Belmont Stakes, often referred to as the “Test of the Champion,” is the longest of the Triple Crown races, requiring a unique blend of speed and stamina. The horses can’t simply rely on a short burst to make it a mile or a 1 1/16th of a mile that other tracks have. Mystik Dan’s previous performances indicate he has the adaptability needed for this challenge. His ability to conserve energy and unleash a strong finish will be critical in navigating the long stretch at Belmont Park. If you need proof just look at the finish at the Kentucky Derby when he came roaring back in the final ⅛ mile to get an inch past Catching Freedom and Sierra Leone. The burst of energy is key.

Assessing the Competition

While Mystik Dan is a standout contender and the one we think is going to win Belmont, understanding his main rivals is essential. Horses like Sierra Leone and Timberlake have also shown strong performances, making the Belmont Stakes a highly competitive race, which is normal every year.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, who finished a close second in the Kentucky Derby, is a solid opponent. Though he doesn’t have as much experience (5 starts with 3 wins and 2 seconds), his ability to challenge Mystik Dan in such a tight race indicates that he will be a major competitor at the Belmont Stakes. However, we think that Mystik Dan’s previous victory over Sierra Leone gives him a psychological edge.


Mindframe would be considered the rookie of the group, but he’s pretty hot going into Belmont. With only 2 starts and 2 wins, he’s looking really good. The biggest challenge he’s going to have to best Mystik Dan (or even Sierra Leone) is he’s got almost zero experience with long tracks. He won the Maiden Special Weight, but that was only 7 furlongs and the Allowance Optional Claiming which is 1 1/16 miles long. The odds might be tipped in his favor, but I think he’s going to be blown away by horses with much more experience.

Odds and Betting Insights

As the Belmont Stakes approach, betting odds are one of the biggest things sports bettors are taking a look at. Not only do these translate to winnings, but more about where analysts believe the horse will place based on their history. Mystik Dan’s Kentucky Derby victory has undoubtedly boosted his odds, making him a favorite among bettors, and us, of course.

Current Odds

Sure, Mystik Dan isn’t at the top of the list, but that works out nicely for us. It means when he wins, and we believe he will, the payout will be bigger. Here’s the current stack for the Belmont Stakes.

  • Sierra Leone (9-5)

  • Mindframe (7-2)

  • Mystik Dan (5-1)

  • Seize the Grey (8-1)

  • Resilience (10-1)

  • Antiquarian (12-1)

  • Honor Marie (12-1)

  • The Wine Steward (15-1)

  • Dornoch (15-1)

  • Protective (20-1)

Betting Strategies

For those looking to place bets, understanding the dynamics of the race and the strengths of each contender is essential if you want to come out on top.

Mystik Dan’s previous performances, especially in high-stakes races like that of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, make him a reliable choice. We think the odds aren’t doing him justice heading into the Belmont weekend.

However, considering the competitiveness of horses like Sierra Leone and Mindframe is also important for making informed betting decisions. The odds are in their favor, but with a 5-1 and in the third spot, there’s plenty of opportunity to cash in.

We’re Picking Mystik Dan!

Mystik Dan’s journey from his Kentucky Derby win to the upcoming Belmont Stakes highlights his remarkable talent. It boils down to his strategic racing, and strong pedigree. On top of that, he’s got a proven track record. When you combine that with expert training and the guidance of jockey Brian Hernandez Jr., it really positions him as a top contender for the Belmont Stakes.

Of course, the competition is fierce, but Mystik Dan’s ability to adapt, conserve energy, and unleash powerful finishes makes him a dominant and powerful competitor. Our money is on Mystik Dan to win out at the Belmont Stakes.

3 Reasons Why Mystik Dan Will Win the Belmont Stakes (2024)


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